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newest nytimes articles

1 - Joe Biden Announces 2020 Run for President Link
2 - Strong Support Here Helped Trump Win Pennsylvania in 2016. 2020 Could Be Different. Link
3 - Trump Vows Stonewall of ‘All’ House Subpoenas, Setting Up Fight Over Powers Link
4 - On Washington: Trump’s Stonewalling Takes Clash Between Branches to a New Level Link
5 - Sri Lanka Warns of More Suicide Bombers as Police Scour Capital Link
6 - Sri Lanka Suicide Bombers Included Two Sons of a Spice Tycoon Link
7 - Texas Executes White Supremacist for 1998 Dragging Death of James Byrd Jr. Link
8 - China Retools Vast Global Building Push Criticized as Bloated and Predatory Link
9 - Who Owns Huawei? The Company Tried to Explain. It Got Complicated. Link
10 - Can Humans Help Trees Outrun Climate Change? Link
11 - Joe Biden, Facebook, N.F.L. Draft: Your Thursday Briefing Link
12 - New York Today: Disappearing New York, Captured in Vintage Photos Link
13 - California Today: How Would a Real Estate Mogul Govern Los Angeles? Link
14 - Biden Joins the Really Big Crowd Link
15 - On L.G.B.T. Rights, the Supreme Court Asks the Question Link
16 - Poor People’s Privacy Can’t Be an Afterthought Link
17 - The U.S. Military: Like the French at Agincourt? Link
18 - The Argument: Is It Time to Impeach Trump? Link
19 - The Bill-Melinda Gates Romance Started With a Rejection Link
20 - Editorial Observer: This Could Be One of Trump’s Biggest Political Victories Link
21 - Investors Shower Money on a Land That Beheads and Crucifies Its People Link
22 - Editorial Observer: Meet the Press? Don’t Bother Link
23 - Survival of the Wrongest Link
24 - Critic’s Notebook: A Radical Moment in American Theater and Beyond Link
25 - How Did James Holzhauer Turn ‘Jeopardy!’ Into His Own A.T.M.? We Asked Him Link
26 - Canada Says Facebook Broke Privacy Laws Link
27 - F.B.I. Raids Baltimore City Hall and Mayor Catherine Pugh’s Homes Link
28 - To Save Public Housing, New York Warily Considers a New Approach: Tear Some Down Link
29 - Over 20 Million Children a Year Miss Out on First Dose of Measles Vaccine Link
30 - Americans Are Among the Most Stressed People in the World, Poll Finds Link
31 - The Mayor of Parma, Missouri, Left Office. Then Her House and City Hall Caught Fire. Link
32 - Lose the Chalk, Officer: Court Finds Marking Tires of Parked Cars Unconstitutional Link
33 - A Houston High School Has a New Dress Code. For Parents. Link
34 - Thinking of Going Off the Grid After Winning the Lottery? Not So Fast Link
35 - How Not to Get Duped When Buying a Used Car Link
36 - 5 Cheap(ish) Things to Help You With Meal Prep Link
37 - No, You Don’t Have to Stop Apologizing Link
38 - Why ‘Find Your Passion’ Is Such Terrible Advice Link
39 - 2019 N.F.L. Draft Preview: NLF Draft 2019: Kyler Murray and Others to Watch Link
40 - Overlooked No More: Martin Sostre, Who Reformed America’s Prisons From His Cell Link
41 - Nonfiction: ‘When Brooklyn Was Queer’ Evokes the Borough’s Hidden History Link
42 - Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Wonders if Trump Will Start Badgering Instagram Next Link
43 - Critic’s Pick: Review: In ‘Ink,’ a Mephistopheles Named Murdoch Takes Charge Link
44 - Is the Immediate Playback of Events Changing Children’s Memories? Link
45 - Tech Fix: You Can’t Stop Robocalls. You Shouldn’t Have To. Link
46 - Phys Ed: After a Knee Injury, Be Wary When Returning to Sports Link
47 - Tech We’re Using: Sliding Backward on Tech? There Are Benefits Link

nytimes most shared articles

1 - In Push for 2020 Election Security, Top Official Was Warned: Don’t Tell Trump Link
2 - Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer Link
3 - The Great Republican Abdication Link
4 - Past Tense: When the Old Penn Station Was Demolished, New York Lost Its Faith Link
5 - Navy SEALs Were Warned Against Reporting Their Chief for War Crimes Link
6 - Made in China, Exported to the World: The Surveillance State Link
7 - Editorial Observer: Meet the Press? Don’t Bother Link
8 - Survival of the Wrongest Link
9 - Trump Is Wasting Our Immigration Crisis Link
10 - Bernie Sanders Scares a Lot of People, and Quite a Few of Them Are Democrats Link
11 - A New Museum Explores 2,000 Years of Jewish Life in Italy Link
12 - Tennessee’s Vengeful Lawmakers Link
13 - How Did James Holzhauer Turn ‘Jeopardy!’ Into His Own A.T.M.? We Asked Him Link
14 - There’s a Bigger Prize Than Impeachment Link
15 - W.H.O. Says Limited or No Screen Time for Children Under 5 Link
16 - Jazz Fest at 50: The Stubbornness and Joy of New Orleans Link
17 - The Chic Octogenarian Behind Barbie’s Best Looks Link
18 - Facebook Expects to Be Fined Up to $5 Billion by F.T.C. Over Privacy Issues Link
19 - Notre-Dame Musicians Rejoice That Cathedral’s Organ Was Spared Link
20 - Scientists Create Speech From Brain Signals Link
21 - Feature: Rom-Coms Were Corny and Retrograde. Why Do I Miss Them so Much? Link
22 - Feature: The Company That Sells Love to America Had a Dark Secret Link
23 - Sri Lanka Suicide Bombers Included Two Sons of a Spice Tycoon Link
24 - Sri Lanka’s Muslims Face an Angry Backlash After Easter Sunday Attacks Link
25 - Andy McKean, Iowa’s Longest-Serving Republican, Switches Parties Because of Trump Link
26 - Why ‘Find Your Passion’ Is Such Terrible Advice Link
27 - U.S. and Afghan Forces Killed More Civilians Than Taliban Did, Report Finds Link
28 - Split 5 to 4, Supreme Court Deals a Blow to Class Arbitrations Link
29 - Is Obstruction an Impeachable Offense? History Says Yes Link
30 - The U.S. Military: Like the French at Agincourt? Link
31 - A Giant Bird Killed Its Owner. Now It Could Be Yours. Link
32 - A Bitter Finish for Slow Runners: Get on the Bus Link
33 - Biden Joins the Really Big Crowd Link
34 - A State Senator Who Said Nurses ‘Play Cards’ While on the Job May Shadow One Link
35 - Thousands of Immigrant Children Said They Were Sexually Abused in U.S. Detention Centers, Report Says Link
36 - The Bill-Melinda Gates Romance Started With a Rejection Link
37 - Texas Executes White Supremacist for 1998 Dragging Death of James Byrd Jr. Link
38 - Joe Biden Announces 2020 Run for President Link
39 - Ukraine’s Newly Elected President Is Jewish. So Is Its Prime Minister. Not All Jews There Are Pleased. Link
40 - Don’t Call It Tex-Mex Link
41 - How Gay Are You? Link
42 - Chasing Rembrandt’s Tulips on Two Wheels Link
43 - HELSINKI DISPATCH: Finland’s Hobbyhorse Girls, Once a Secret Society, Now Prance in Public Link
44 - Well : Why Does Exercise Guard Against Cancer? Inflammation May Play a Role Link
45 - I Used to Work for Google. I Am a Conscientious Objector. Link
46 - Trump Vows Stonewall of ‘All’ House Subpoenas, Setting Up Fight Over Powers Link
47 - Personal Health: Should You Be Eating Eggs? Link
48 - Nonfiction: A Passion for Punctuation Meets a Love for All Things Greek Link
49 - They Committed Genocide. Their Neighbors Welcomed Them Home. Link
50 - Do Australians Have a Case of ‘Jacinda Envy’? Link
51 - Gary Stewart, Master of the Reissue Compilation, Dies at 62 Link
52 - Disney Heiress Escalates Attack on Company’s Pay Practices Link
53 - Is Sex by Deception a Form of Rape? Link
54 - Can Humans Help Trees Outrun Climate Change? Link
55 - Mueller Report Reveals Trump’s Fixation on Targeting Hillary Clinton Link
56 - The Conversation: The President in Plain Sight Is Bad Enough Link
57 - News Analysis: Victor or Victim? Trump’s Changing Response to Mueller Report Link
58 - Did Trump Obstruct Justice? Mueller Didn’t Say, but Left a Trail to the Answer Link
59 - 3-Year-Old Found Alone at Border Is One of Many ‘Heartbreaking’ Migrant Cases Link
60 - Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Pot? Just Call It a Job Machine Link

economist newest articles

1 - A brief cultural history of the scream Link
2 - Why presidential libraries are controversial Link
3 - Joe Biden provides a fossil record of how the Democratic Party has changed Link
4 - Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank call off merger talks Link
5 - China tries to calm jitters about the “Belt and Road” initiative Link
6 - Egypt’s economy thrills investors, but locals are struggling Link
7 - A TV comedian-turned-politician wins a stunning victory in Ukraine Link
8 - America wants to challenge rogue petrostates Link
9 - Why is the population of wider Chicago falling? Link
10 - Britain lets Huawei into part of its 5G networks Link

economist special reports

1 - A lousy education system wastes the potential of South Africa’s younger generation Link
2 - Even if Cyril Ramaphosa wins South Africa’s election, the future will not be easy Link
3 - Some South Africans are rethinking Nelson Mandela’s legacy Link
4 - High unemployment is a symptom of South Africa’s economic malaise Link
5 - A decade of “state capture” has damaged South Africa’s institutions Link
6 - Cyril Ramaphosa faces a daunting task if he wins the South African election on May 8th Link
7 - Cyril Ramaphosa must start his reforms within the ANC Link
8 - Land reform will continue to be one of South Africa’s biggest problems Link
9 - Private education can complement the public sort Link
10 - Private education is booming in new markets and new forms Link
11 - A look inside a Pakistani madrassa Link
12 - How Chile combines competition and public funding Link
13 - Acknowledgments and further reading Link
14 - Even in China, one-size education does not fit all Link
15 - Online tutoring works better than some might expect Link
16 - Private education is stepping in where the state leaves off Link
17 - Preparing for conflicts by cyber-means Link
18 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
19 - Decades after the end of the cold war, Russia is showing new aggression Link
20 - What NATO is doing to keep abreast of new challenges Link
21 - What would happen if America left Europe to fend for itself? Link
22 - What NATO needs to do to live to its 100th birthday Link
23 - NATO members’ promise of spending 2% of their GDP on defence is proving hard to keep Link
24 - How NATO is shaping up at 70 Link
25 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
26 - Disputes over water will be an increasing source of international tension Link
27 - Manufactured water can supplement the natural stuff, but never replace it Link
28 - The best way to solve the world’s water woes is to use less of it Link
29 - Poisoned and over-exploited, many rivers are in a parlous state Link
30 - Water, the original solvent, can provide its own solutions Link
31 - Groundwater is helping to feed the world, but it is dangerously depleted Link
32 - Climate change and population growth are making the world’s water woes more urgent Link
33 - Key strains and institutions of Islam explained Link
34 - Radicalised jihadists have done untold damage to Islam’s image Link
35 - Third-generation Muslims in the West are devising a new Islam for themselves Link
36 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
37 - Islam’s long history in Europe has entered a new chapter Link
38 - How Islam in the West is influenced from abroad Link
39 - Western governments want to have more influence on Muslim practice with their own borders Link
40 - The 30m Muslims living in Europe and America are gradually becoming integrated Link
41 - The early years are getting increasing attention Link
42 - Parenting methods are exacerbating social divisions Link
43 - In the Middle Ages there was no such thing as childhood Link
44 - The art and science of parenting Link
45 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
46 - How children interact with digital media Link
47 - The continuing importance of the family Link
48 - Why children’s lives have changed radically in just a few decades Link
49 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
50 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
51 - Technology firms are both the friend and the foe of competition Link
52 - Which American industries are most in danger of monopoly? Link
53 - Across the West powerful firms are becoming even more powerful Link
54 - Regulators across the West are in need of a shake-up Link
55 - Western governments need a plan for reinstating effective competition Link
56 - Dynamism has declined across Western economies Link
57 - Judge dread Link
58 - Australia takes in far more immigrants than other rich countries, with less friction Link
59 - Australia’s economy is still booming, but politics is a cause for concern Link
60 - Clever reforms 30 years ago helped Australia’s growth Link
61 - Diversity helped Australia weather the resources bust Link
62 - Harsher weather threatens more than just the Australian environment Link
63 - Australian politicians fear having to choose between America and China Link
64 - Poisonous politics could spell an end to Australia’s winning streak Link
65 - The condition of indigenous Australians is a national disgrace Link
66 - In fighting the next recession, politics will be crucial Link
67 - What to do if the usual weapons fail Link
68 - The next crisis could start a long way from New York Link
69 - Another economic downturn is just a matter of time Link
70 - Central bankers will fight the next recession with their backs against the wall Link
71 - Businesses are trying to reduce, reuse and recycle Link
72 - Introducing a more circular economy will meet with resistance Link
73 - The poor world and the rich world face different problems with their waste Link
74 - Serious efforts are being made to clean up the oceans Link
75 - A Chinese ban on rubbish imports is shaking up the global junk trade Link
76 - Emerging economies are rapidly adding to the global pile of garbage Link
77 - Wandering scholars Link
78 - A world of opportunity Link
79 - Higher Ed Inc Link
80 - Acknowledgments and sources Link
81 - The brains business Link
82 - The best is yet to come Link
83 - Secrets of success Link
84 - Head in the clouds Link
85 - Down in the dumps Link
86 - Round and round it goes Link
87 - Less is more Link
88 - You are what you throw away Link
89 - The appliance of science Link
90 - Muck and brass Link
91 - Talking rubbish Link
92 - The silver dollar Link
93 - A slow-burning fuse Link
94 - Suffer the little children Link
95 - Work till you drop Link
96 - China’s predicament Link
97 - A world of Methuselahs Link
98 - Into the unknown Link
99 - Scrimp and save Link
100 - Mad about museums Link