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newest nytimes articles

1 - Impeachment Hearings: Live Updates as Vindman and Williams Testify Link
2 - How Not to Plot Secret Foreign Policy: On a Cellphone and WhatsApp Link
3 - Who Is Alexander Vindman? White House Aide Reported Ukraine Concerns Link
4 - Who Is Jennifer Williams? Pence Aide Listened to Trump-Zelensky Call Link
5 - Jeffrey Epstein Suicide: Two Jail Workers Expected to Be Charged Link
6 - Two Western Hostages Are Freed in Afghanistan in Deal With Taliban Link
7 - Parents of Besieged Hong Kong Protesters Come to the Front Lines Link
8 - Hong Kong Updates: More Than 1,000 Detained at a University, and a Warning From Beijing Link
9 - Impeachment, Israel, California: Your Tuesday Briefing Link
10 - How New Yorkers Are Shaping the Trump Impeachment Inquiry Link
11 - A Broken Promise on Taxes Link
12 - The Week Ahead in the Impeachment Hearings Link
13 - This Is Pregnancy Over 40 Link
14 - San Francisco’s Homeless Population Is Much Bigger Than Thought, City Data Suggests Link
15 - Republicans Are Following Trump to Nowhere Link
16 - Stephen Miller Is a White Nationalist. Does It Matter? Link
17 - Bill Barr, the Man From 1980 Link
18 - Philanthropists Bench Women of Color, the M.V.P.s of Social Change Link
19 - Republicans Can Win Back the Suburbs. Here’s How. Link
20 - Mike Pompeo: Last in His Class at West Point in Integrity Link
21 - Doing the Health Care Two-Step Link
22 - ‘1984’ in China Link
23 - What You Need to Know About Deval Patrick Link
24 - Britain’s Election Is Not About Brexit Link
25 - How Not to Kill an Animal Link
26 - The Mister Rogers No One Saw Link
27 - A Paranoid Guide to Fighting the ‘Bugging Epidemic’ Link
28 - Sweden Drops Julian Assange Rape Inquiry Link
29 - White House Denies Trump Health Emergency Link
30 - Amazon Deforestation in Brazil Rose Sharply on Bolsonaro’s Watch Link
31 - ‘Meth. We’re on It’: South Dakota’s Anti-Meth Campaign Raises Eyebrows Link
32 - Blind Student’s Violent Treatment at Oxford Debate Prompts Resignations Link
33 - The Divide in Yakima Is the Divide in America Link
34 - Are West Bank Settlements Illegal? Who Decides? Link
35 - As Climate Risk Grows, Cities Test a Tough Strategy: Saying ‘No’ to Developers Link
36 - What Happens When Black People Search for Suburban Homes Link
37 - Dread the Holidays? Feasting Together Might Actually Help Link
38 - Not Yet Ready for Retirement? Give Us One Week … Link
39 - How to Move Abroad Link
40 - The Basics of Caring for Your Sneakers Link
41 - We Put Hong Kong on the 52 Places to Go List. Things Got Complicated. Link
42 - Joe Henry and the Art of Disappearing Into a Song Link
43 - Review: ‘The Mandalorian,’ a Gunslinger in a Galaxy Far, Far Away Link
44 - Late Night Has a Physical Reaction to Trump’s Hospital Visit Link
45 - After Her Mother’s Fall in the Subway, a Daughter Carried the Load Link
46 - For Some Children With Autism, Dance Is a Form of Expression Link
47 - How to Peer Through a Wormhole Link
48 - How Did a Virus From the Atlantic Infect Mammals in the Pacific? Link
49 - A Surprising Finding on Paid Leave: ‘This Is Not the Way We Teach This’ Link
50 - A 17-Mile Hike to Unite San Francisco Link
51 - A G.O.P. Star Emerges in Impeachment Hearings. Democratic Donors Notice. Link

nytimes most shared articles

1 - Indonesia Approves Castration for Sex Offenders Who Prey on Children Link
2 - Bobby Shmurda, a Brooklyn Rapper, Is Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison Link
3 - Trump Retreats From Flavor Ban for E-Cigarettes Link
4 - Weeknight Dinner Around the World Link
5 - Mike Pompeo: Last in His Class at West Point in Integrity Link
6 - What She Learned From the One Who Got Away Link
7 - A Lineman Became a Doctor, but Dementia Made Him Retire. He’s Only 42. Link
8 - After a Massacre, Ethiopia’s Leader Faces Anger, and a Challenger Link
9 - The Minor-League Teams That Could Lose M.L.B. Ties Link
10 - To Make This Tofu, Start by Burning Toxic Plastic Link
11 - This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad Link
12 - How FedEx Cut Its Tax Bill to $0 Link
13 - Why Is a Secretive Billionaire Buying Up the Cayman Islands? Link
14 - Flea Had a Wild Life. Then He Joined Red Hot Chili Peppers. Link
15 - Mueller and Comey Failed Their Tests. She Passed Hers. Link
16 - Blind Student’s Violent Treatment at Oxford Debate Prompts Resignations Link
17 - 泄露文件揭示中国如何组织对穆斯林大规模拘禁 Link
18 - Is It Time Gauguin Got Canceled? Link
19 - Court Stops Execution of Rodney Reed in Texas After Outcry Link

economist newest articles

economist special reports

1 - To make the world richer, let people move Link
2 - When a worker migrates, a family benefits Link
3 - Why the arguments against immigration are so popular Link
4 - Why people should leave the countryside Link
5 - Why voting with your feet is more effective than a ballot Link
6 - How migration makes the world brainier Link
7 - India is stumbling because of its prime minister’s failure to curb his darker side Link
8 - What does Narendra Modi want? Link
9 - India’s foreign policy remains cautious and unimaginative Link
10 - A downturn in India reveals the desperate need for deeper reform Link
11 - Environmental, educational and administrative gridlock threaten India’s future Link
12 - Narendra Modi must reassure Indians that he is committed to democracy Link
13 - Inflation is losing its meaning as an economic indicator Link
14 - Economists’ models of inflation are letting them down Link
15 - Technology is making inflation statistics an unreliable guide to the economy Link
16 - Low inflation is a global phenomenon with global causes Link
17 - Why onions and pigs can give economists a headache Link
18 - Most, but not all, emerging markets have overcome high inflation Link
19 - How to make economic policy fit for a world of low inflation Link
20 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
21 - The best way to eradicate poverty in America is to focus on children Link
22 - The official way America calculates poverty is deeply flawed Link
23 - American poverty is moving from the cities to the suburbs Link
24 - Poverty in America continues to affect people of colour most Link
25 - How much can enterprise and philanthropy help alleviate American poverty? Link
26 - Poverty in America has long-lasting, destructive consequences on children Link
27 - Progress is possible in America’s ongoing war on poverty Link
28 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
29 - Canadians must decide if they want to remain a liberal beacon Link
30 - Redistribution and innovation drive Canada’s changing economy Link
31 - Culture wars, Canadian-style Link
32 - The environment is Canada’s biggest wedge issue Link
33 - Canada’s indigenous peoples are claiming new rights and resources Link
34 - Canada is feeling lonely, but its place internationally is still strong Link
35 - The election in October will be a test of Canada’s liberal values Link
36 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
37 - Supply chains are undergoing a dramatic transformation Link
38 - Multinational companies are adjusting to shorter supply chains Link
39 - Supply chains for different industries are fragmenting in different ways Link
40 - Which way out? Link
41 - Amazon and Alibaba are pacesetters of the next supply-chain revolution Link
42 - Digitisation is helping to deliver goods faster Link
43 - Companies must get ready for a riskier world Link
44 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
45 - California and Texas have different visions for America’s future Link
46 - Many people are moving from California to Texas Link
47 - Public education in both California and Texas is poor Link
48 - California and Texas are both failing their neediest citizens Link
49 - California is a leader on environmentalism Link
50 - Immigration shapes the politics of California and Texas Link
51 - Texas seems better placed to adapt than California Link
52 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
53 - Trade can no longer anchor America’s relationship with China Link
54 - In Washington, talk of a China threat cuts across the political divide Link
55 - In Beijing, views of America have become deeply cynical Link
56 - Why Iowa is Xi Jinping’s favourite corner of America Link
57 - Ordinary Americans and Chinese seem to be drifting apart Link
58 - America still leads in technology, but China is catching up fast Link
59 - America’s military relationship with China needs rules Link
60 - The trouble with putting tariffs on Chinese goods Link
61 - America and China must manage their rivalry or risk disaster Link
62 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
63 - Young people and their phones are shaking up banking Link
64 - South Korea is trying to make banking fun Link
65 - What bankers need to know about the mobile generation Link
66 - In South-East Asia, Grab and Gojek bring banking to the masses Link
67 - How Singapore’s incumbent banks are preparing for competition Link
68 - Neobanks are changing Britain’s banking landscape Link
69 - New apps are teaching children how to manage their money Link
70 - “Flanker” banks are seeking to combine the old and new Link
71 - The banking revolution is great for customers Link
72 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
73 - Cyril Ramaphosa faces a daunting task if he wins South Africa’s election Link
74 - A decade of “state capture” has damaged South Africa’s institutions Link
75 - Cyril Ramaphosa must start his reforms within the ANC Link
76 - Some South Africans are rethinking Nelson Mandela’s legacy Link
77 - High unemployment is a symptom of South Africa’s economic malaise Link
78 - Land reform will continue to be one of South Africa’s biggest problems Link
79 - South Africa’s youngsters are let down by a lousy education system Link
80 - South Africa needs a broader choice of leadership options Link
81 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
82 - Private education is booming in new markets and new forms Link
83 - Private education is stepping in where the state leaves off Link
84 - Online tutoring works better than some might expect Link
85 - Even in China, one-size education does not fit all Link
86 - A look inside a Pakistani madrassa Link
87 - How Chile combines competition and public funding Link
88 - Private education can complement the public sort Link
89 - Acknowledgments and further reading Link
90 - How NATO is shaping up at 70 Link
91 - Decades after the end of the cold war, Russia is showing new aggression Link
92 - NATO members’ promise of spending 2% of their GDP on defence is proving hard to keep Link
93 - What would happen if America left Europe to fend for itself? Link
94 - Preparing for conflicts by cyber-means Link
95 - What NATO is doing to keep abreast of new challenges Link
96 - What NATO needs to do to live to its 100th birthday Link
97 - Sources and acknowledgments Link
98 - Climate change and population growth are making the world’s water woes more urgent Link
99 - Poisoned and over-exploited, many rivers are in a parlous state Link
100 - Disputes over water will be an increasing source of international tension Link